Welcome to our passion!

 So why Real Estate Marketing?


Have you ever wondered what makes one agent or listing stand out from the rest of the crowd? We did too. Which is why we created RNDR Real Estate Marketing!


"We want to adjust the way agents think about how they present themselves and their listings.


Some agents hope that a home will sell itself, waiting for what feels like forever to get compensated for their efforts. 

We want to show you how to actively sell YOUR brand.


We Implement various online marketing tactics such as multiple styles of photography, custom web addresses and so much more, as well as through face to face interactions with prospective buyers and clients through the use of brochures and handouts highlighting all the information about  your listing, but just as importantly about you, the agent.


Together we are here to work with you in your growth, 

covering all the bases. Not only to help you sell faster, but to also help you grow your clientele through the level of professional service that will be attached to your name.


Let your clients talk about all you did for them, how hard you worked, and the extra mile you went to sell their house

 and they will take care of you with referrals and glowing reviews."